Despite her humble beginnings, Ayanda worked her way up to living what you can call a “good life”. From working in an open plan office where she was just an IT department employee, she climbed her way up to the manager of her department. Ayanda thought she had it all -she had the qualification, a top job, VIP parking at work, her own office, a house in the suburbs and she could afford to take her family on holiday once a year- until she started realising that she was starting to pile up her debt.

Ayanda started looking for an opportunity that provided a good financial reward as well as security. As an ambitious woman she always wanted to be an independent business owner but finding the right business model proved to be difficult. When a good friend approached her about network marketing and Forever Living Products, she found the perfect business opportunity. This American-based health and nutrition company has an exceptional track record, it was established in 1978 and is operating in over 160 countries.

Through Forever Living Products she managed to avoid thousands of rands capital she had to put in her previous business start-ups. Instead of starting from scratch she could work under the umbrella of an established global business that offers ongoing training and support. Ayanda strives on empowering others who are in the position she was in or have completely nothing but willing to work to achieve their goal, Forever Living Products has offered her a great platform to do this. She now has a team of business owner who are also building their own empires. Since joining forever she lives a life of a superwoman -she now works on her own terms, she is debt free, she takes her family on regular holiday trips, she travels around the country on fully paid for by forever while fulfilling her role of a mother and partner. Her business umbrella consists of lawyer, doctors Accountants, State Advocates, Engineers, IT Managers, Marketing Managers, Communication Specialists and many more professionals who are seeking a change in their lives.


"I honestly thought I was at the top of my game not realizing I was not entirely free as I was drowning in debts trying to maintain a certain lifestyle which I honestly didn't afford. When a friend introduced me to Forever Living Products, yes I was skeptical of joining the business. I was more worried about my so called social standing and what my acquaintances would think of me and my new venture. I judged Forever from the outside which is a mistake that most people I know make."


Affording proper holidays, discovering myself and my capabilities.


I enjoy everything mentioned above but I’m no longer drowning in debts like before


The ability to travel between provinces to spend time with my loved ones without worrying about financial implications.


Spending time with lawyers, doctors, accountants, state advocates, engineers, it managers, marketing managers, communication specialists and many more professionals who are more interested in changing lives than worrying about their social standing and qualifications.


Going on trips paid for by forever and being recognized for every achievement.


Financial freedom: not having store cards, overdrafts and a credit cards on max.


Reaching manager level with forever living & being recognized for helping other people from all races, with or without qualifications to achieve financial freedom.


The ability to dream knowing that whatever  I  dream of is attainable through working for it by helping others reach their financial goals with forever living.